Year 9 Remote Learning

Remote learning at Benfield school will take place using Microsoft TEAMs. Students will access a mixture of 'live' lessons with their teachers, pre-recorded videos and voice-overs as well as worksheets, web-links and activities to help them with their learning.
Despite the challenges of working remotely, we are making sure that students follow the schemes of work and curriculum plans that they would be following in school to ensure they continue to make progress even when they are working from home.
All students will follow a lesson-by-lesson timetable that will allow them to take part in a broad and balanced curriculum offer. They should be ready to register at normal time every morning and log-on to each lesson as if they were in school.
Please use the Microsoft TEAMS link opposite to access all the information and support you and your child might need when using TEAMS and details about how to contact the school for IT support.
Because we know that technology is temperamental, in case you ever have a problem accessing TEAMS we have included on this page a link to a booklet of online resources linked to this year group's curriculum plan and schemes of work. You can use this booklet in case you have any log-in issues as long as you have internet access through a computer, tablet, phone or even XBox and Playstation. 
You can even use this booklet if you are looking for some additional information and activities about the topics you are studying with your teachers.
Any questions about remote learning should be sent to our helpdesk at .