Year 9 Options 2021

Welcome to the support and information pages for this year's Year 9 Options process at Benfield School.

At Benfield School, we believe in providing a curriculum that is appropriate, balanced and relevant for everyone, and which supports all students to succeed. These webpages provide important information and guidance about the courses and pathways on offer in Key Stage 4. It is important to get these decisions right to ensure that students achieve the best results possible and are provided with a springboard to future post-16 education and a chosen career path thereafter. 

We hope you find this year’s option booklet informative and useful to help you make the best choices with your child. Our aim is to ensure that we get the “right students onto the right courses”. We hope that this booklet will help you to support these important decisions.

Any member of staff will be more than willing to discuss your child’s options. If you are still unsure about anything after reading and watching the information on these pages, please don’t worry: students will also be invited to a one to one meeting with a senior member of staff from the Academy to discuss things in more detail which parents are more than welcome to attend. Virtual meetings will be arranged during the current social distance restrictions.

Questions and Contact Information

If you have any questions about the options process, please contact the Main Reception and they will direct you to the person best able to help you.


Alternatively, please email and include ‘Year 9 Options’ in the subject line.



Important Dates:

Option Choices should be made using the Microsoft form available on this page and completed no later than Friday 26th February 2021.

Paper copies are available on request from the school office, but must also be completed by Friday 26th February 2021.

Individual student interviews with staff to discuss their option choices will begin once schools return after the current lockdown and will be conducted in socially distanced ways. Arrangements can be made for parents to part of these interviews if required.