School Uniform 2020-2021

The uniform for all students

in years 7 to 11 is as follows:


  • Navy blue blazer with school badge

  • School tie  (colour dependent on year group)                                 

  • White shirt                                   

  • Black trousers or skirt (tailored)  

  • Black shoes                                

  • Navy blue V neck jumper (optional – thin to wear under blazer in winter)



    Plain black shoes must be worn, this means no sports style footwear, boots, plimsolls , canvas or shoes with excessively high heels.


    Trousers & Skirts

    These must be tailored and must not be skin tight or made from canvas, linen, denim or other inappropriate material. Skirts must be knee length.


    Outdoor Coat

    Outdoor coats, if worn, must be black or navy.


    School Bag

    Students must have a bag big enough to hold an A4 folder.


    PE Kit


  • Navy & light blue PE top with logo   

  • Navy & light blue shorts with logo    OR

  • Benfield navy leggings                      

  • Black swimming costume / trunks

  • Towel and swimming cap

  • Black training shoes (not plimsolls)                             

  • Benfield Hoodie (optional)

  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms (optional – for use in winter)



    We do not allow:

    Hats or hoods to be worn in school

    Facial piercing

    Jewellery, except for a wrist watch and a small pair of stud earrings

    Nail polish

    Excessive make-up

    Hair colour and hair styles not suitable for school

    Excessive hair accessories

    Outdoor clothing to be worn except at break and lunchtimes.


PE Kit



  • Training shoes (not plimsolls)

    Benfield navy and light blue top (from Emblematic)

    Benfield navy and light blue shorts or Benfield navy leggings (from Emblematic)

    Black swimming costume/trunks

    Towel and swimming cap

    Plain navy tracksuit bottoms may be worn in winter

    Benfield Hoodie may be worn all year round (from Emblematic)