Textiles Curriculum Intent


In studying Textiles students experience a range of both practical skills and creative design. Students are encouraged to learn and explore. It provides students with a platform to develop problem solving skills and resilience. We aim to develop effective team working skills whilst developing greater independence and confidence. Our KS3 projects are designed to allow students the opportunities to develop their curiosities and create a set of practical skills, giving them a springboard into GCSE options and future careers.


Candidates will develop textile ideas and produce practical and portfolio work in areas including fashion, printed and dyed fabrics and materials, interior textiles and embellished textiles. We follow the AQA Art & Design Textiles GCSE course which has endless opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in individual areas of interest. Each project is based on researching an area of textile design then developing ideas through investigating a variety of techniques that include design development and practical skills. Students are expected to continuously develop their sketchbook work on a weekly basis as part of independent study.


Curriculum Leader - Ms S Carr
Teacher - Ms J McElvenny