Information for students completing work at home

Benfield School: Coronavirus closure plan for continuing education for pupils (Posted 08/05/20)


Home Learning Plan: Summer Term


I hope that you and your families have had a good Bank holiday and that this communication finds you all safe and well. As we continue into the summer term, I am reminding you of the details of our Home Learning provision for the next few weeks. The details of what teachers have been providing and how they will be doing it are also included. 


At the present time, we are still uncertain as to how long school will be closed for – although it will be at least a number of more weeks - or what a re-opening would look like in practice. We are still very much reacting to national events and to the guidance which we are given daily by the Department for Education. 


You will see that this term we have adapted the work set and have this week recently posted out hard-copy work packs to all students.  This is further supported by the option for students to access on-line resources on the main school website for all subjects, as well as the option of accessing ‘SENECA’ on-line learning where students can have their responses assessed.  We have also provided all students with English and maths text books over the next ten days in years 7-10.


How much work should students be completing whilst working at home?


Please just do what you can. We know the many challenges that our families are juggling during this difficult time. We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working and we have been so impressed by the fantastic work that our pupils have already completed at home. You are doing a fantastic job supporting your child’s wellbeing and learning during this time.  This is also an opportunity to develop independent learning skills within our students.


Everything feels strange and challenging at the moment, so it’s understandable if you and your child feel anxious and frustrated. We’re here for you as we figure this all out together – this is all very new for teachers as well.


Do remind your child to take breaks away from screens as well, and also make time for having fun and connecting with friends and family.


Please complete the work set as best you can – writing on paper is fine, it doesn’t need to be in an exercise book or on a printed worksheet. We know that this aspect of the work may prove challenging – just do your best!


Response to feedback


Thank you all for the feedback that you gave us at the end of last term, including on our very popular Benfield School Facebook account. Many of you told us that you found our regular phone calls home really helpful and so I will continue to ask Year Leaders, support staff and members of the Senior Leadership team to continue to contact parents/carers regularly in relation to welfare and at home education to check that all is well and to see if there are areas where school can help.


Your comments about Home Learning have been generally very positive. There are one or two tweaks which we will be making in response to the suggestions made by parents, pupils and staff. These are:


  • We have tried to keep the work set as simple as possible. We do realise that many parents are juggling their own work, more than one child and a number of other commitments. It takes longer for a child to make their own way through the work set than it would in a classroom
  • Feedback may take many forms:

-Giving answers to a set of questions for self-marking at home

-Giving direct feedback via email (Benfield account)

-Feedback of a test or exam paper/question that pupils have submitted

-Reading of a piece of work and then receiving a comment and a target

-A dialogue with pupils or parents about the work set – this could be via an appropriate school platform such as the subject area on the school website

-Using SENECA or other online platform to provide marks for questions set

-Asking students to send photographs of work or projects and sending them back a comment or PRIDE Point

-Answers for self-marking, an email dialogue with a teacher or feedback through ‘SENECA’


  • All school pupils already have an overview timetable within their own personal student school planner. Some parents/carers also asked about timetables – students should use this timetable to be aware of the subject areas they should be attempting.  Please note that for Key Stage 4 and 5 students this will be dependent upon the option choices of subjects made.
  • Planning and work for this summer term is now covering twelve weeks. We know that not all families have a printer or more than one device on which to access work and we have adapted planning to take account of this. 



Students in Year 11 & 13

A new transition tab has been created on the school website main page. For Year 11 students valuable resources can be found about the transition in to Key Stage 5.  Students can continue to access on-line resources to be found on the year 11 section of the ‘Students Working at Home’ website section, or attempt the ‘SENECA’ on-line resources for subjects in Year 12 as preparation for A Level study.  Students can self-select the subjects they may choose Post 16.

Some students achieved a Grade 4 or below in English and/or Maths in the recent Year 11 Mock Examinations.  We will shortly be speaking with these identified students and we will be asking them to continue with GCSE English and/or Maths work. Teachers will set work designed to help students achieve a Grade 4 in these subjects – as anyone achieving a grade below a 4 is required to re-sit in Year 12. Ofqual are clear that the grades awarded by schools will be statistically standardised and may move up or down, so we feel it is best for all students with a Mock Exam grade of 4 or below in either English or Maths to continue with that subject. 

Year 13 students have bespoke work set for them by subject staff designed to prepare them for undergraduate study. 



Additional resources to support learning at home

The Department for Education have published a series of links to online work, for pupils of all ages, to support Home Learning. Our staff may use some of these resources in their planning, but you may also find them helpful. They can be accessed here:

The BBC has also released daily lessons, called Bitesize Daily – you can find more about this resource here:

Some of you will have seen that the Department for Education on Monday 20th April also released a package for online learning, including an online school, Oak National Academy:



Careers, Transition, Personal Development & Well-being

Mrs Hall, Mrs Goddard and Mrs Wardle have also asked me to signpost you to some of the transition, careers guidance and personal development & wellbeing resources and links which have been added to the website.


I will be in touch again soon, as more information comes to us. Please don’t hesitate to contact school or your child’s teachers for support. Like all our staff I am very much looking forward to the point at which we can safely open the school gates again.


I hope that everyone remains safe,


Yours faithfully,


Richard Carr


Access information for e-learning using SENECA

To access the electronic resources on Seneca please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to and set up an account for a pupil by clicking on the Sign Up tab at the top right of screen

  2. Click on 'I am a Student'
  3. Complete school name
  4. Click on Classes and Assignments tab at top of screen
  5. Join class option
  6. Put in the code from below to access electronic resources relating to the pupil's year in school:

Year 7:

Year 8: xoo7r1f25m

Year 9: n949yx2aqr

Year 10: y31bg1o2bf

Year 11: cay4a82kb3

Year 12/13: xg6zrsq8o5

  1. Assignments/units of work have already been allocated to the student codes above. Pupils should work their way through the resources and try to arrange their day in the same way the school timetable works.

  2. In addition to this work, pupils have been given extra booklets to complete.

All work has been designed to allow pupils to make progress and continue their learning whilst at home.

All future updates will be referenced when made at the top of this page.


Additional resources for completion at home by pupils from curriculum areas:

Please find to the left of this page a range of additional resource links which provide a broad range of further work for students in key stage 3 and key stage 4 for curriculum area subjects.