Information for students completing work at home

Key Information
In the event that students are unable to attend school for any reason, Benfield has made available access to work that can be completed at home by all pupils which is specific to each year group. 

This can be accessed either electronically via the internet (see below), or alternatively hard copies of work can be posted home upon request. 

Work can also be collected from main reception here in school for completion at home.  Pupils in years 11-13 may already have been issued with additional resources and assignments from individual curriculum areas.
Access information for e-learning using SENECA

To access the electronic resources on Seneca please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to and set up an account for a pupil by clicking on the Sign Up tab at the top right of screen

  2. Click on 'I am a Student'
  3. Complete school name
  4. Click on Classes and Assignments tab at top of screen
  5. Join class option
  6. Put in the code from below to access electronic resources relating to the pupil's year in school:

Year 7:

Year 8: xoo7r1f25m

Year 9: n949yx2aqr

Year 10: y31bg1o2bf

Year 11: cay4a82kb3

Year 12/13: xg6zrsq8o5

  1. Assignments/units of work have already been allocated to the student codes above. Pupils should work their way through the resources and try to arrange their day in the same way the school timetable works.

  2. In addition to this work, pupils have been given extra booklets to complete.

All work has been designed to allow pupils to make progress and continue their learning whilst at home.

All future updates will be referenced when made at the top of this page.


Additional resources for completion at home by pupils from curriculum areas:

Please find to the left of this page a range of additional resource links which provide a broad range of further work for students in key stage 3 and key stage 4 for curriculum area subjects.