Student Catering Operation - COVID-19 Arrangements

School Food Arrangements - September 2020 Full re-opening update (1st September 2020)

Due to newly allocated separate dining areas for each year group for students to socialise safely at break and lunchtime the following arrangements will be in place from September 7th 2020;

Before school

On entry all students will be offered a free warm bagel to take to their form room to eat.

At break-time

Students will be able to buy a small selection of pre-packed items such as baked goods, fruit and drinks. This can be paid for by the cashless system at till points.

At lunchtime

To help maintain easy and safe access to food at lunchtime Benfield have invested in a new 'Fusion' pre-order app which students can use to order their personalised ‘grab and go’ sandwich meal deal. 

All students can use the pre-ordering app to select a  ‘grab and go’ sandwich meal deal. They will be able to buy additional pre-packed items at the till points.

 ‘Grab and go’ items will include foods which meet the needs of students, such as halal meat, non-allergen options (gluten free) and vegetarian/ vegan products. 

 The new ‘Fusion Mobile’ app allows students to make a choice of sandwich, fruit, baked goods and drink. The app will allow payment (linked to our established Parent Pay system) and they can then collect it from their designated year group social area at the start of lunch.

Students have been given their own individual 'Fusion' access codes to download the app.

As we would encourage the use of this new app, we also appreciate that a small number of students may not have a phone in school. Those students still wanting to order a ‘grab and go’ sandwich meal will still be able to do so with their form teacher in morning registration each day.

We are also serving grab and go hot food. All students have access to foods such as pasta with a range of sauces, hot wraps, pizza, curry and rice as well as fish and chips, soup, paninis, bacon and sausage sandwiches. 

All none pork dishes are Halal. 

We encourage parents and guardians to use Parent Pay wherever possible (via the school website) but we also have three cash collection machines in school where students can add money to their personal accounts. If the addition of money is necessary, we would encourage this at break time to avoid any disruption to students either collecting their food or buying it from the till point. No cash is taken at the till points by catering staff.  

For any information on parent pay please contact school reception for support.

For further general enquiries on School catering please contact: