Curriculum Intent - Science 


We aim to deliver a curriculum that awakens pupils’ natural curiosity for the world around them.

We aim to engage, encourage and challenge all pupils and to develop transferrable practical skills and relevant scientific knowledge.

We want pupils to be innovative, and to excel at what they enjoy most about our subject.

We want pupils to share our enjoyment of all things scientific, and to get involved in researching and talking about the latest scientific discoveries.

We aim to encourage pupils to explore STEM related careers and provide opportunities for pupils to find out more about those careers that interest them.

Triple Science

Pupils following this course will study three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The separate science qualifications give students opportunities to develop their interest in and enthusiasm for Biology, Chemistry and Physics and have an emphasis on not just learning theory, but understanding the practical side of science and its relation to the world we live in.


Double Science

Pupils following this course will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics and gain two Science GCSEs overall. The course is designed to teach pupils the knowledge and understanding they need to make sense of the science they meet in their everyday lives.


Curriculum Leader - Ms N Irving
Teacher/Deputy Curriculum Leader - Miss L Alexander
Teacher - Ms C Armstrong
Teacher - Ms G Braz
Teacher - Mrs S Brown
Teacher - Ms B Carmen
Teacher - Mrs J Cross 
Teacher -  Mr C Ingham
Teacher - Mr R Watts
Science revision sessions for Year 11 take place every Thursday from 3-4pm.
(apart from early close days)