School Meals


At Benfield School we strive to be a healthy school and educate students on how to be healthy and consume o balance diet.  The Government has set targets to improve the nation’s health and we in school have our part to play.  School meals are rapidly moving towards more healthy options and Benfield School has recently been accredited with the Healthy School plus. 


We listen to Student Voice and serve foods students want and know are part of a healthy lifestyle.


Its good to know that when you send your child off to school they will be eating a hot, healthy and nutritious meal at lunchtime. When children eat better they do better and school meals help keep their mind and body working to it to its maximum until they return home.  This also helps with health and development.


Children respond positively to a caring, happy atmosphere where their welfare is paramount and being at school certainly assures that. Eating nutritional, well balanced meals at school also plays an important part in this and is unquestionably the core to a healthy school life.


Our school meals service is continually reviewing and improving the school meals offer to update menus reflecting trends and tastes. Our school meals provider has attained Food for Life awards for quality since 2014.

There is a strong link between ensuing children east nutritious food and academic attainment.