Benfield School Remote Learning


All information regarding our remote learning plans are given on this web page. 


If you have any further questions in relation to the documents or resources here then please contact 


Student e-mail details

Reminder- Your school email address is: and your password is the same as you would use in school.  If you have forgotten your user name or password then they can be reset by contacting 


Learning phone calls home

Students will receive a weekly ‘learning call’ from a member of Benfield staff to see how they are managing with the work. Any queries will be forwarded to a subject specialist so any issues can be resolved.


Marking and feedback

Students will post work back to school in a self -addressed envelope and (after quarantining) will receive feedback from their teacher. This feedback could be individual, small group or whole class feedback. It could be in the form of email, phone call or by post. This feedback will not be immediate due to quarantining and waiting for work from other students.