Our Vision and Ethos

Our Vision

At Benfield, we instil in our students a belief that they have the potential to be successful. Simply believing that they can do it, is half the battle.

We see our job as providing the right guidance, environment and high quality learning to help make each student’s dreams come true.

We don’t see ourselves as an ‘education machine’. While high academic marks are certainly something to aim for, they are only part of what makes a happy, confident and successful student.

At Benfield School we aim to develop thoughtful, well rounded young people, who will make a positive contribution to society.

We do this by:

  • Creating a calm and caring learning environment
  • Offering a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum
  • Inspiring students so they become motivated to learn
  • Ensuring everyone shows respect for each other
  • Helping students become sensitive, tolerant and responsible individuals
  • Encouraging students to believe in their own worth
  • Challenging students to develop leadership skills
  • Helping students prepare for adult life
  • Promoting Benfield Values


Our Ethos

As a small school we can take a more personalised approach to the care and guidance we provide, we are committed to recruiting staff who are prepared to go the extra mile.

We are recognised as being an exceptionally nurturing and caring school by Ofsted, other professionals, parents and visitors.

Working closely with parents is a key priority for us and we aim to involve parents and carers at every opportunity.

The happiness and wellbeing of our students is our number one priority. Each student has a care support team of Form Tutor, Year Leader and Progress Manager, to whom they can turn at any time.

We have other staff, with specific skills, to provide additional help and advice, as necessary.