Options Booklet 2021

For the first time in ten years of education, Year 9 Options mean that students get the chance to choose some of the subjects you study. It’s an exciting time, but also a very important one, because the decisions you make could play a big part in your future progression. 

This Year 9 Options Booklet contains all of the information, support and guidance you need to choose your subjects for Year 10 and 11 and it should be read carefully by students and parents.

The other two imprtant pieces of information you need for option choices are the Subject Information Factsheets and the Option Form 2021 - both of which you can find in these pages.

This booklet is designed to help students and parents make the best choice of subjects to study in Key Stage 4. For parents this can be quite a confusing time. You will want to help your children make the right choices, but you may feel that you don’t know enough to give them the right advice - we hope the advice in this booklet helps. 

Any member of staff will be more than willing to discuss your child’s options. If, after the Year 9 Options events and information, you are still unsure about anything, please don’t worry, you will also be invited to a one to one meeting with a senior member of staff from the school to discuss things in more detail.

We hope you find this year’s option booklet informative and useful to help you make the best choices . Our aim is to ensure that we get the “right students onto the right courses”. We hope that this booklet will help you to support these important decisions.