Ofsted Report

Benfield is a “GOOD” School with Outstanding features

Our School was last inspected by Ofsted in May 2015 and we were delighted with the comments in the report. 

Full details of the school's inspections can be found on the Ofsted Website

Below are some of the highlights from the report for you to read.

 “Benfield is a good school that has improved considerably since its previous inspection. “

“The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. Keeping young people safe is a high priority and child protection procedures are exemplary. Adults know their students and look after them “ 

The quality of teaching came in for high praise and inspectors said they had seen exemplar lessons in English, Maths, History, Textiles and PE, they described the provision for Textiles as something you would expect to see in a Higher Education setting.

 “The quality of teaching is good. Teachers are enthusiastic and have high expectations of the students. Students rise well to challenges and as a result achieve well.”

“Teachers have good subject knowledge and use this to support learning well. They are enthusiastic and use some innovative techniques that enthuse students.”

The staff and pupils have worked tirelessly since the previous inspection in a determined effort to show our true qualities. Inspectors were particularly impressed with the ethos of the school and the very good behaviour of the pupils. The lead inspector Dr Alison Thomson said that she would be using a phrase in our report that she rarely used:

 “students show a thirst for knowledge and understanding and a love of learning”

Other notable strengths included the extremely high quality of provision for pupils in our ARC (young people with disabilities) and ARP (young people with communication difficulties).

Benfield is a truly inclusive school, including in our “GOOD”  6th form and this was also recognised by the inspection team as was the very high quality of the support staff who work with a wide range of students. It is not often support staff get the recognition that they deserve in an inspection and ours is a highly skilled team.

“The school is very inclusive and it works well to promote equality of opportunity, tackle discrimination and to foster good relationships.”

“Students are extremely positive about their school and describe it as one where ‘the teachers are always there for you’.”


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