Local Governing Committee Meetings

Membership and role

The local governing committee membership is all 12 local governors. Observers can also be invited to attend meetings.

The Scheme of Delegation of Governance sets out the decisions that the NEAT Board of Directors delegates to each school's local governing committee.



The local governing committee usually meets four times each year: twice in the Autumn Term and once in each of the Spring and Summer Terms.

We publish our meeting dates for the current school year below.

We publish information about attendance at meetings for the previous school year below.
Meeting dates
Full local governing committee meetings for 2019-20 are:
Monday 16th September 2019
Thursday 17 October 2019
Monday 16 December 2019
Monday 16 March 2020
Monday 6 July 2020
The approved and signed minutes of the local governing committee meetings for the current and last school years are available below:
Attendance at local governing body meetings
The attendance of local governors at meetings in 2018-19 is shown below: