Geography  Curriculum Intent


Over the course of Key Stage 3, students will establish and develop a range of Geographical skills, including map work, atlas skills and enquiry skills. The development of these skills will be integrated within lessons and will progress throughout the key stage. Key Stage 3 Geography is divided into a progressive programme of study, each year comprising of 6 units. During these 3 years, students investigate a wide range of people, places and environments at different scales. They learn about Geographical patterns and processes, and how political, economic, social and environmental factors impact on contemporary geographical issues. This develops a knowledge of places and environments throughout the world, and a range of investigative and problem solving skills.   The KS3 programme of study has been designed to engage, instruct and develop students with the necessary skills and knowledge for GCSE, A Level and beyond.


The message we want students to understand is that Geographers solve global problems.



We will study AQA GCSE Geography.

There are 3 major sections:

Unit 1 ”Living with the Physical Environment”

  •         Why do we have hurricanes?
  •         Why do rivers flood?

Unit 2 “Challenges of the human environment”

  •         Cities across the world – their problems and solutions.
  •         Can we reduce world poverty?
  • Can we stop famine?

 Unit 3 ”Practical Geography”

  • Problem solving and decision making on a topic chosen by the exam board 12 weeks before the exam.
  • Fieldwork – at least 2 fieldwork activities.


Curriculum Leader - Mr T Bilham
Teacher - Mrs R Anderson
Teacher - Mr J Hill
Teacher - Mr A Wanley