Detentions are given for low level behaviour offences (Level 1), failure to hand in homework and failure to complete classwork.

Detentions occur at break, lunch times and after school.

Students are expected to record the details of the detention in their planner and inform their parents.

Failure to attend will result in an extended detention or isolation; parents will be notified by a member of staff.

At times, students may be detained at the end of the school day without prior notice; this will be for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Prior notice, either by the student or school, will be given for any detention longer than 30 minutes.

Punctuality Protocol

Punctuality is very important at Benfield and therefore any student arriving after 8.50am will be deemed late.

Students who arrive late to school will receive a one hour detention at the end of day.

Persistent lateness will result in a parental meeting / contract, with additional sanctions.

Repeated failure to attend detentions will result in a referral to Inclusion.