Coronavirus update - advice for parents/carers

Update 05.06.20:
Let's stay connected - please see our NEAT newsletter keeping in touch with parents/carers and students who are at home. NEAT Newsletter 9 has our latest update for parents and carers.
We have published a privacy notice for pupils and parents and carers to tell you about any additional processing of personal information that is taking place as part of the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. View our privacy notices on the trust website.
Update 24.03.20 at 7:30:
Our schools remain open only for vulnerable children and children of key workers, unless they can be safely looked after at home. This decision will be kept under review. Otherwise, please follow ALL government advice about keeping yourself and others safe and STAY AT HOME.

When we reduce our day-to-day contact with other people, we will reduce the spread of the infection. That is why the government introduced three new measures  on 23 March:

  1. Requiring people to stay at home, except for very limited purposes

  2. Closing non-essential shops and community spaces

  3. Stopping all gatherings of more than two people in public

Every citizen must comply with these new measures. The relevant authorities, including the police, will be given the powers to enforce them – including through fines and dispersing gatherings.

These measures are effective immediately. The government will look again at these measures in three weeks, and relax them if the evidence shows this is possible.

You can read the full 'stay at home' guidance here:

Update: 20 March 2020 at 15:00

The Government announced on 18 March that all schools in England will close after Friday 20 March until further noticeexcept for the most vulnerable children (including those that have a social worker or an Education and Health Care Plan) and those whose parents are critical workers if they cannot remain at home safely.

The list of sectors where workers are critical to the coronavirus response has been published by the Government.  Please contact school as soon as possible if you are covered by this guidance and you intend to send your child to school.

We have written to all parents this afternoon with as much information as we have at this stage.  Please ensure your contact details are up to date so that we can continue to contact you. 

We ask that the following Government advice is followed:

Even if your child is still attending school

  • they should stay at home if they are unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature to avoid spreading infection to others
  • if they become unwell at school with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature they swill be sent home

“Stay at home” guidance for households with possible coronavirus

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are the onset of a new continuous cough and/or high temperature.

If anyone has symptoms of coronavirus infection, however mild, they must stay at home and not leave their house for 7 days from when the symptoms started.  If this applies to you at any stage, please report your absence to your workplace as usual.

If anyone in your household has symptoms, all members of the household must stay at home and not leave their house for 14 days from the day when the first person in the household became ill

While you are at home, ensure you:

Social distancing

Everyone is advised to avoid non-essential social contact.

There is specific Government guidance for vulnerable adults

Further advice

We appreciate that this is a worrying time for everyone.  Please contact us if you have any concerns or you feel we can support you in any way, athough please be aware that our staff resources are also affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

The Department for Education (DfE) has a helpline to answer questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) related to education.  Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687


Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

Go to the NHS webpage on the coronavirus for information about the virus and how to protect yourself and your family.  Use NHS 111 online to assess any steps you should take; only ring 111 if you do not have internet access.

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24.03.20 Stay at home guidance issued

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20.03.20 am List of critical workers published.

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18.03.20 Updated to include Government announcement on school closure except for specific groups of pupils after Friday 21 March.

17.03.20: Updated to include Government advice issued on 16.03.20 about staying at home and social distancing.

13.03.20: Updated to include Government advice about self-isolation if mild symptoms.