Computing / ICT Curriculum Intent


Computing and ICT are both a fundamental part of everyday modern life.  Our aim within Benfield School is to prepare our pupils to participate in a rapidly changing society in which work and other forms of activity are increasingly dependent on ICT.

Through lessons, lunchtime clubs and after school sessions pupils have the opportunity to explore topics within computing and ICT.  This enables them to develop their computational thinking and problem solving skills through coding programmes and the use of specialist software. 

Additionally the subject develops pupils’ information processing skills, including the ability to use information sources and tools safely to help find, explore, develop, analyse, exchange and present information.  We also place a strong emphasis on their problem solving, investigative and expressive work. 


CiDA is the Certificate in Digital Applications and is designed to engage and enthuse young people with an interest in creative media production and to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to design and make effective multimedia products.

 It teaches young people how to express their creativity in an informed and responsible way and encourage them to reflect on what they produce and strive for excellence.


Curriculum Leader -  Mr P Derrick
Teacher -
Teacher - 
Mr K Sweeney
Mrs C Bennett