BEST Spanish

The Spanish department at Benfield School is passionate about both Spanish language and all areas of Hispanic culture. At Spanish BEST, sessions have been arranged to fully prepare students to become independent learners at Benfield School.

Sessions will run on Thursdays from 3.15 – 4.15 and will cover the following themes.


Theme 1 – Spanish geography with a city study on Barcelona.

Theme 2 – South America with a nation study on Argentina.

Theme 3 - Hispanic music and sport.


See the outlines below for each theme.

Spanish geography

Students will identify key cities, rivers, lakes and mountain ranges within Spain. They will study all seasons and weather and start to develop their linguistic confidence. When studying Barcelona, students will focus on the following; population, climate, key geographical features, museums and famous architecture in the city, Spanish artist Gaudí and his most famous work, the Sagrada Familia and finally, FC Barcelona with a personal study of Leo Messi.


South America (Argentina)

Students will build on their work from the first theme and begin to analyse the beautiful South American country of Argentina, from the rugged wonder of the Iguazú Falls and the gauchos who cover the wild grasslands to the dancing the Tango on the streets of Buenos Aires. References will be made to prior learning from key geographical features to demonstrating an understanding of the climate, cities and industries to fully embed and consolidate new language structures and vocabulary.


Hispanic music and sport

Students will look at Hispanic music artists who have had an impact on the UK charts in recent months. Lots of listening to new and familiar songs will take place to check sound – spelling links. We will also be looking at famous sporting men and women from Spanish speaking countries. This will give students a chance to learn about physical and character descriptions and students will be able to describe a famous sportsperson or musician of their choice with information about their hometown/country using all of the new language structures and vocabulary they have learnt.