Benfield School Local Governing Committee Members

Within the NEAT scheme of delegation we have agreed that the local governing committee of each non-religious school will have the following members:
  • two parent members (elected by parents of pupils at the school)
  • one staff member (elected by staff of the school)
  • headteacher member (ex-officio)
  • eight members approved by the NEAT board of directors.
With the exception of the headteacher and staff members, all local governing committee members are volunteers although they may claim expenses under certain circumstances.
We publish profiles of each of our local governing committee members below.
The terms of office of all members are four years, except:
  • any co-opted governors where the term of office is one year
  • ex-officio appointments which are based on the person holding a particular office and continue as long as the person remains in post.

Philip Anderson

Trust Member (Co-Vice Chair)/Safeguarding Link Governor

Appointed by the Trust Board: 05.07.19
Term of office to: 04.07.23
Declared interests: Teach First - Employee(from August 2019)

Angela Birt

Trust Member (Co-Vice Chair)

Appointed by Trust Board: 19.10.18/Re-appointed: 19.10.21
Term of office to: 18.10.25
Declared interests: Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospitals Trust -Employee

Richard Carr


Ex-officio position based on role as Headteacher.
Declared interests:
NEAT, Employee - Headteacher at Benfield School (from September 2018)
Walkergate Community School - Governor (from September 2018)

Carole Day

Parent Member

Elected by Benfield parents on 09.05.2022
Term of office ends 08.05.2026

Declared interests: tbc

Dan Kane

Trust member

Appointed by the Trust Board 15.11.2021
Term of Office to 14.11.2025
Declared interest: Director of Little Coffee Bean Company Oct19 / Director of Health and Safety Event Management Ltd Aug04 / Employed by Projects Pick N Mix Ltd Jan19 / Director of L W Rail Magazine Sept19 / Employed by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust Jan2000

Steph Murray

Staff Member

Appointed: 11.03.21
Term of office to: 10.03.25

Declared interests: NEAT - Employee Benfield School

Rebecca Nicholson

Trust Member

Appointed by Trust Board: 27.06.18/Re-appointed: 10.07.21
Term of office ends: 09.07.25
Declared interests: Business partnership/directorship at RN Education Consultancy Ltd since Sept 2021
Employed at Newcastle University since Sept 2021

Carolyn Reay

Trust Member

Appointed by Trust Board: 17.03.21
Term of office to: 16.03.25
Declared interests: NEAT, employee since April 2017

Gail Rochester

Trust Member (Chair)

Appointed by Trust Board: 19.10.18/Re-appointed: 19.10.21
Term of Office to: 18.10.25
Declared interests: Babington - Employee (from October 2020)
You can hear more about Gail's experiences as local governing committee member in the profile below:

Sarah Studholme

Parent Member/Safeguarding Link Governor

Elected by parents of Benfield School: 29.06.21
Term of office ends: 28.06.25
Declared interests: NEAT - Employee, Benfield School
You can hear more about Sarah and why she became a member of Benfield's local governing committee in the profiles below:

Former LGC member in the last twelve months - Ray Blythe

Elected by the parents/carers of Benfield School: 18.06.19/Resigned: 22.10.21
Declared interests: Leonard Cheshire, Employee (from May 2019)

Former LGC member in the last twelve months - Karl Dixon-Myers

Appointed by the NEAT Board of Directors: 21.01.19 Resigned 20.08.21
Declared interests: Department of Education, Employee - since Oct 17

Former LGC member in the last twelve months - Jo Little

Appointed by the Trust board 15.11.2021 / Resigned 31.1.2022

Former LGC member in the last twelve months - Tim McCollum

Appointed by Trust Board 15.11.2021 - resigned 26.4.2022
Declared interest: Employed by Durham University Feb 2020