Behaviour and Attitudes towards Learning at Benfield

 Behaviour at Benfield is very important. All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that best suits their education and respects the right of others to learn and enjoy school without disruption.

 To encourage positive behaviour, we have easy to understand charts in every class room and around the school site that show how you will be rewarded for acting as expected in school. There are also charts that show you how negative or disruptive behaviour will be sanctioned to help you avoid detentions or having to stay after school.



1. Remove outdoor clothing on entering the building
2. Move around the school building in a sensible manner; walking on the left
3. Ensure mobile phones and other electronic devices are silenced and not in use
4. Have necessary equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, planner, PE & technology kit)
5. Be ready to allow teachers to teach and others to learn
6. Follow instructions first time of asking
7. Be tolerant and speak to others in an appropriate manner
8. Work hard and attempt tasks to the best of our ability
9. Wear our uniform correctly in and out of school


Attitude for Learning

 Teachers are very keen to encourage positive behaviour in and around school. Over the course of the school term students will receive ‘PRIDE Points’ for demonstrating positive attitudes towards learning and behaviour as shown in the rewards ladder below. 

 Every student will be kept up-to-date with their running total of ‘PRIDE Points’.  Different levels of ‘PRIDE Points’ will equate to different reward categories e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond & Outstanding Performance.  In the final week of each term, students will then be able to spend these ‘PRIDE points’ on a choice of fun and exciting activities on ‘Activities Day’.

Behaviour for Learning                       

 Likewise, school staff will not tolerate or accept any behaviour that is seen as obstructive to learning or disrupt others.  Below you will find our behaviour ladder where unacceptable behaviours are listed along with the consequences for each action. Misbehaviour will be punished so students should always do their best to follow the school rules, respect others and listen well in class so that they never end up on any part of this ladder.