Behaviour and Attitudes towards Learning at Benfield

 Behaviour at Benfield is very important. All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that best suits their education and respects the right of others to learn and enjoy school without disruption.

 To encourage positive behaviour, we have an easy to understand system in operation around the school site.



 We aim to provide a safe, caring, well-ordered environment, which is vital to effective teaching and learning.  

A successful approach towards behaviour requires the commitment and consistency of practice of all staff to ensure that learners know the standards expected of them.  All members of the school are expected to help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, with courtesy and mutual respect as basic requirements.  Learners are treated fairly and consistently.


Benfield's behaviour policy is not exhaustive and underpins the school rules:

  • Be Prepared
  • Follow Instructions
  • Look the Part


Our approach towards behaviour is designed to:


  • Promote British values
  • Support effective teaching and learning
  • Foster mutual respect
  • Prepare learners for the adult world
  • Create consistency of expectations and consequences
  • Challenge poor behaviour in an appropriate manner
  • Keep staff and students safe
  • Create calm corridors and purposeful classrooms



  • Staff use most appropriate method of teaching, which draws on students’ experiences and values their contributions
  • Students are taught in a classroom where routines are established and high standards expected
  • Explicit and regular praise is used for all types of achievement


A clear rewards and sanctions strategy is in place to ensure that our Behaviour Policy is consistently applied, this includes:

  • Staff record negative incidents on internal central system
  • Staff at all levels monitor BFL on internal central system
  • Weekly postcards written/sent by staff to identified students
  • Use of student 'Learning Journal' to create a dialogue with home

How do we achieve consistency of implementation?

  • BFL communicated frequently to students in registration and in lessons
  • Staff support to deliver consistency around the school site
  • Data is reviewed according to the calendar of monitoring and evaluation in both Curriculum and Pastoral areas 

How will we communicate the policy to everyone?

  • Staff training and meetings where ‘BFL’ is a standardised agenda item
  • Form Tutor activity
  • Letters home
  • Home-School Agreement to be signed by parent/carer, student and Head of Year on an annual basis

How do we know it is understood and accepted?

  • Data tracking by Head of Year and Curriculum Lead to demonstrate improvement in behaviour
  • Calm environment around building supported by duty team
  • Behaviour a standing item at Senior Leadership Team meetings, Curriculum and Pastoral area meetings
  • Classroom teachers to maintain a consistent approach to classroom management


How do we get consistency of implementation for dress?

  • Parents/carers and students clear on what is expected (open evenings/website/policies)
  • Uniform check every lesson and in tutorial session