Assessment Process Summer 2021



As we approach the end of the year, students are completing their in-school assessments that will form part of their final grade. We wanted to write to you before term ends to explain how students’ grades will be awarded this summer. You will find our full school policy on how grades will be awarded, and quality assured this year on the Year 11 & Year 13 Grades 2021 page of the school Website.


Benfield School is following the national process for awarding grades this summer defined by the Department for Education and the exams’ regulator, Ofqual. A brief overview of how grades will be awarded this year is as follows:


  1. Teachers will be assessing student work against a national standard - based only on what has been taught - to determine the grade each student should receive.
  2. Teachers can use a broad range of evidence to support of a student's performance from throughout the course to inform their judgement. This can include work completed in lessons, mock exams, coursework or remotely where it is appropriate.
  3. Subject teams will have agreed what evidence is appropriate to use for students on their courses. The same piece of work does not have to be used for every student to allow for any period of significant absence due to disruption from illness or isolation.
  4. Schools and colleges should use a broad range of evidence for each student, for each subject studied, to determine their individual grades.
  5. Access arrangements during assessments or evidence used to determine a students’ grade will have been in place for all students who are entitled to them, or if not this will be factored into the final grade awarded.
  1. Departments will submit grades which will be quality assured by the school / college. This internal quality assurance process will have to be signed off by the exam board to ensure it is rigorous and in line with national standards.
  2. Our school or college results will be quality assured externally by the exam boards, which may include random sampling of our school or college’s evidence.
  3. If the exam boards are confident in our submitted results, then the exam boards will award students their final grades.
  4. If students do not think their results are accurate, they will have the right to appeal. Details of how appeals will work are included on the school website, but please note that appeals can only be made if the school has not followed its process when awarding grades. An appeal cannot be made solely on disagreeing with the grade awarded.


Although the points above show where teachers have used their professional judgement to determine grades, because of the subject and school level quality assurance systems in place to check and approve final grades, it should be clear that these grades are the responsibility of the school, and not individual teachers.


At the end of this document, we have attached some frequently asked questions which we hope will provide further information and support.


If you have any questions regarding the process for awarding grades this summer, please contact the main school office. We cannot however discuss individual student grades - to do so would be exam malpractice and will have to be reported to the exam authorities along with any concerns around undue pressure or contact with individual members of staff.


After students leave school on Friday 28th May, there will be a Year 11 Bridging Programme running until Friday 25th April which includes online learning, Sixth Form Taster Week and Careers advice & guidance. All Year 11 students are encouraged to take part in these activities to help support their transition to the next stage of their career.


Results days this summer will be as follows with specific timings to follow:

A Level             Tuesday 10th August 2021 at 8:30am

GCSE                Thursday 12th August 2021


The process to award grades this year has been a massive undertaking for schools, however, we are confident that the system we have in place - and the efforts of our staff and students - mean that we can achieve the most accurate outcomes for our young people that we can.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and please contact the main school office with and further questions you may have.