Appeals Process 2021

GCSE & A Levels Summer 2021

What you need to know about this year’s appeals and Autumn resits

Ofqual and the JCQ (Joint Qualifications Council) have confirmed their appeals and resits process for the Summer 2021 Centre Assessed Grades schools have been asked to produce.

The rules schools have had to follow this year to produce Centre Assessed Grades for GCSE and A Level mean that it is not possible for students to appeal their results if they are unhappy with their grade. Appeals can only be made if students believe there has been an administrative error with their grade.

Students will have been told by their teachers which pieces of work their teachers will be using to determine their grades this summer. They will have signed a declaration to say all of these pieces of work are their own independent work so they will be aware of what evidence has been used by staff to produce their grade.

Administrative errors might include, for example, mixing up two students with similar names, or accidentally copying across the wrong data. But importantly it does not relate to the professional judgements of schools in assigning grades.

Key guidance for students:

Students cannot challenge their school or college under the appeals process on the centre assessment grades it submitted or their rank order positions.

  • Students cannot appeal because their mock or report grade from a previous year was higher than the grade they were awarded.
  • Students can ask their school college to check whether it made an administrative error when submitting information to an exam board, and to ask the exam board to correct any mistakes in the information it provided.
  • A school or college can appeal to an exam board on a student’s behalf if it believes the exam board made an administrative mistake when it communicated their grades.

The grounds for appeals at this stage can only be:

      • the school did not follow its own policy;
      • the school did not undertake internal Quality Assurance;
      • the school did not allow access arrangements;
      • the exam board made an administrative error;
      • the school did not exercise reasonable academic judgement in the selection of evidence or the determination of the grade.
      • Please note, none of the above grounds for appeal include not agreeing with the grade which was awarded.


  • The deadline for appeals is 17th September.
  • It is important to note that grade protection does not apply this year so any appealed grade could go down as well as up or stay the same.
  • If a student believes they could achieve a higher grade, the official position this year appears to be that they can choose to sit the formal exam in the autumn term at their college or sixth form, but this autumn grade may replace the summer grade even if it is lower.

If a student is concerned that any reasonable adjustments were not taken into account when their school determined their CAG, they should contact us via the following email: