English Curriculum Intent


At Benfield School, our curriculum has been designed to allow students to graduate from key stage 3 English with the academic and cultural literacy required to be educationally mobile. We also aim to enthuse and inspire in students a love of our subject and passion about the written word.

One of the ways in which we ensure this is by studying a wide range of challenging texts from different countries, genres and time periods. Students are given the chance to explore a variety of high quality texts in depth.  The texts we select not only challenge the students but address a wide range of social, moral and cultural issues to ensure the students engage with the wider world and form opinions about a range of topics and issues. In addition to the texts studied within the classroom, we also use the Accelerated Reader Programme for all KS3 students and have an incredibly well-stocked library. This programme fosters and encourages a love of reading, while ensuring students read appropriately challenging texts.

In addition to developing reading we have designed the curriculum to ensure that students have a wide range of opportunities to develop their own creativity through extended writing. Students are taught to write for a range of purposes and given regular opportunities to improve upon their writing. We ensure we expose the students to a wide range of vocabulary, both explicitly during lessons and through the texts studied. Written literacy is at the heart of our curriculum.

Another component of our varied curriculum is speaking and listening as we greatly value oracy.   We use the ‘Philosophy for Children’ model to ensure students are explicitly taught thinking skills and encouraged to question ideas and justify their opinions. This skill not only translates into their written work, but also prepares our students for life after Benfield School.


Curriculum Leader - Mrs L Parkes
Teacher/Deputy Curriculum Leader - Mrs S Hartley
Teacher - Mr J Anderson
Teacher - Mrs E Barton
Teacher - Mr R Carr
Teacher - Miss R Elliott
Teacher - Mrs M Irving
Teacher - Mrs H Jones
Teacher - Miss A Leighton
Teacher - Ms A Murray
Teacher - Mrs E Rickard
Teacher - Mr R Waters