Advice for Parents & Carers

Making Choices – Advice for Parents and Carers


At Benfield School, our aim is that all students should receive the best advice they can when choosing their subjects for Key Stage 4. They should have a guided choice from within the subjects that the school will recommend, that best matches their abilities, achievements and ambitions, with the benefit of guidance and information from school staff.


You as parents/carers also play a vital role in this decision making process and at Benfield School we hope to support you as best we can. We hope therefore that you will find the questions below helpful when discussing options for next year with your son/daughter:


Your child

  1. How does your child see themselves?
  2. How does your child see the future?
  3. What ambitions do they have for the future?
  4. Are these ideas influencing their choices now?
  5. What are your child’s interests and abilities?
  6. Which subjects would best use and develop these?


Your child’s future

  1. What careers and courses will be available if your child follows the subjects they like and learns well in?
  2. Is this a limited range of opportunities?
  3. What courses and careers will not be available?
  4. For the careers your child has in mind, which subjects are necessary or useful?
  5. Which subjects or qualifications will give them the best chance of success at the highest grades to support their progression to post-16 or university destinations in the future?



  1. What ambitions do you have for your child?
  2. How are your ideas influencing your child?
  3. Are you encouraging your child to choose the right subjects for them?
  4. Do you know whether academic or vocational courses are most appropriate for your child’s talents and aspirations and which will lead to their choice post-16 course or future career.

Option Choices should be made using the Microsoft TEAMS form available on these pages below and completed no later than Friday 26th February 2021.


Paper copies are available on request from the school office, but must also be completed by Friday 26th February 2021.